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MasteringAstronomy How to submit Self-Guided Tutorials for grading

Summary: MasteringAstronomy
How to submit Self-Guided Tutorials for grading
Once you figure out how one works, the rest will all work the same
1. Launch the tutorial
2. Navigating in the Tutorial
Once you start the tutorial you must use buttons within the tutorial
to navigate!
Clicking any browser navigation buttons outside the tutorial will
reset the tutorial! (Or will return you to your last save keep reading)
An Example Table of Contents
Advancing through the tutorial
Using "NEXT" and "BACK"
Using "Continue"
Some questions require you to "submit" an answer inside the Self-
Guided tutorial before you can continue...
And some do not...
3. Saving your work
When working in a tutorial, you can save your work at any point
and come back to it later (even if you quit the tutorial).


Source: Alexander, Stephen G. - Department of Physics, Miami University (Ohio)


Collections: Physics