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2011-2012 Committee Membership Constitutional Committees

Summary: 2011-2012 Committee Membership
Constitutional Committees
Constitutional committees are elected committees specified in the constitution. They are the
Steering, Membership, and Consultative Committees.
Standing committees are appointed committees specified in the by-laws. They have a specified
charge and ongoing duties with no termination date.
Ad hoc committees are appointed committees not otherwise specified in the constitution or by-laws.
They are established to undertake special charges that do not fall within the purview of the standing
committees of the assembly. Ad hoc committees must have a defined termination date stated at the
time of formation.
Steering Committee: Elected--3 Fac, 1 PA, 2 St, 1 USA, Not elected--Chancellor, UMM FCC rep,
parliamentarian (non-voting)
JAYNE BLODGETT (CHAIR for 2011-2012) (1st
term 2011-2013) PA
Jacqueline Johnson, Chancellor
Jeff Ratliff Crain, Vice Chair (to be chair the following year) (1st
term 2011-2013) Fac
Tracey Anderson (1st


Source: Amin, S. Massoud - Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Minnesota


Collections: Power Transmission, Distribution and Plants