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Nuclear Physics A 743 (2004) 259282 Coulomb corrections for quasielastic (e,e )

Summary: Nuclear Physics A 743 (2004) 259­282
Coulomb corrections for quasielastic (e,e )
scattering: eikonal approximation
Andreas Aste
, Kai Hencken, Jürg Jourdan, Ingo Sick,
Dirk Trautmann
Departement für Physik und Astronomie, Universität Basel, 4056 Basel, Switzerland
Received 23 March 2004; received in revised form 20 July 2004; accepted 5 August 2004
Available online 27 August 2004
We address the problem of including Coulomb distortion effects in inclusive quasielastic (e,e )
reactions using the eikonal approximation. Our results indicate that Coulomb corrections may be-
come large for heavy nuclei for certain kinematical regions. The issues of our model are presented
in detail and the results are compared to calculations of the Ohio group, where Dirac wave functions
were used both for electrons and nucleons. Our results are in good agreement with those obtained by
exact calculations.
2004 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
PACS: 25.30.Fj; 25.70.Bc; 11.80.Fv
Keywords: Quasielastic electron scattering; Eikonal approximation; Coulomb corrections
1. Introduction


Source: Aste, Andreas - Institut für Physik, Universität Basel


Collections: Physics