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Power-aware Consolidation of Scientific Workflows in Virtualized Environments

Summary: Power-aware Consolidation of Scientific Workflows in
Virtualized Environments
Qian Zhu Jiedan Zhu Gagan Agrawal
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Ohio State University, Columbus OH 43210
Use of virtualization technologies is becoming prevalent, including,
but not limited to, the current commercial cloud environments. At
the same time, besides resources costs and application performance,
energy efficiency is becoming a dominant consideration while de-
signing systems and executing applications on them. The premise of
our work is that consolidation of scientific workflow tasks can be a
promising approach for energy and resource cost optimization, with-
out incurring substantial performance degradation. This is further
supported by detailed analysis of resource requirements of scientific
workflow tasks, and analysis of power consumption with use of vir-
tualization and with consolidation of workloads.
Based on the trends observed from our experiments, we have de-
veloped pSciMapper, a power-aware consolidation framework for


Source: Agrawal, Gagan - Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Ohio State University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences