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A syntactical analysis of nonsizeincreasing polynomial time computation Klaus Aehlig Helmut Schwichtenberg

Summary: A syntactical analysis of non­size­increasing polynomial time computation
Klaus Aehlig Helmut Schwichtenberg
Mathematisches Institut
Ludwig­Maximilians­Universit˜at M˜unchen
E­mail: faehligjschwichtg@rz.mathematik.uni­muenchen.de
A purely syntactical proof is given that all functions defin­
able in a certain affine linear typed –­calculus with iteration
in all types are polynomial time computable. The proof also
gives explicit polynomial bounds that can easily be calcu­
1 Summary
In [6] Hofmann presented a linear type system for non­
size­increasing polynomial time computation allowing un­
restricted recursion for inductive datatypes. The proof that
all definable functions of type N ( N are polynomial time
computable essentially used semantic concepts, such as the
set­theoretic interpretation of terms.
We present a different proof of the same result for a slightly
modified version of the term system, which uses syntactical


Source: Aehlig, Klaus T. - Institut für Informatik, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München


Collections: Mathematics; Computer Technologies and Information Sciences