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Deploying Database Appliances in the Cloud Ashraf Aboulnaga

Summary: Deploying Database Appliances in the Cloud
Ashraf Aboulnaga
Kenneth Salem
Ahmed A. Soror
Umar Farooq Minhas
Peter Kokosielis
Sunil Kamath

University of Waterloo

IBM Toronto Lab
Cloud computing is an increasingly popular paradigm for accessing computing resources. A popular
class of computing clouds is Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) clouds, exemplified by Amazon's Elastic
Computing Cloud (EC2). In these clouds, users are given access to virtual machines on which they can
install and run arbitrary software, including database systems. Users can also deploy database appli-
ances on these clouds, which are virtual machines with pre-installed pre-configured database systems.
Deploying database appliances on IaaS clouds and performance tuning and optimization in this environ-
ment introduce some interesting research challenges. In this paper, we present some of these challenges,
and we outline the tools and techniques required to address them. We present an end-to-end solution to


Source: Aboulnaga, Ashraf - School of Computer Science, University of Waterloo


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences