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Copyright0 1991 by the Genetics Society of America A Superfamily of Arabidopsis thaliana Retrotransposons

Summary: Copyright0 1991 by the Genetics Society of America
A Superfamily of Arabidopsis thaliana Retrotransposons
Andrzej Konieczny,* Daniel F. Voytas,**'Michael P. Cummingst and Frederick M.Ausubel*
*Department of Genetics,Harvard Medical School and Department of Molecular Biology, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston,
Massachusetts 02114, and fMuseumof Comparative Zoology, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138
Manuscript received October 2, 1990
Accepted for publication December 17, 1990
We describe a superfamily of Arabidopsisthaliana retrotransposable elements that consists of at
least ten related families designated Tal-TalO. The Talfamily has been described previously. Two
genomic clones representing the Ta2 and Ta3 elements were isolated from an A. thaliana (race
Landsberg erecta) X library using sequences derived from the reverse transcriptase region of Tal as
hybridization probes. Nucleotide sequence analysis showedthat the Tal, Ta2and Ta3 familiesshare
>75% amino acid identity in pairwisecomparisons of their reverse transcriptase and RNase H genes.
In addition to Tal, Ta2 andTa3, we identified seven other related retrotransposon familiesin
Landsberg erecta, Ta4-Tal0, using degenerate primers and thepolymerase chain reaction to amplify
a highly conserved region of retrotransposon-encoded reverse transcriptase. One to two copies of
elements Ta2-Tal0are present in the genomes of the A. thaliana races Landsberg erecta and
Columbia indicating that the superfamily comprises at least 0.1% of the A. thaliana genome. The
nucleotide sequences of the reverse transcriptase regions of the ten element families place them in


Source: Ausubel, Frederick M. - Department of Genetics, Harvard University


Collections: Biology and Medicine