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Group Communication as an Infrastructure for Distributed System Management \Lambda

Summary: Group Communication as an Infrastructure for
Distributed System Management \Lambda
Y. Amir D. Breitgand, G. V. Chockler, D. Dolev
Department of Computer Science Institute of Computer Science
The Johns Hopkins University The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Baltimore MD 21218 Jerusalem 91904 Israel
and the NASA Center of Excellence fdavb, grishac, dolevg@cs.huji.ac.il
in Space Data and Information Sciences
In the past, system management tools for computer
systems were oriented towards managing a single com­
puter with, possibly, many users. When the networked
system concept became widespread, centralized solu­
tions such as the Network Information Service (NIS 1 )
were developed to help the system manager to control
a network of workstations. Today, when many sites
contain hundreds of workstations, these solutions may
no longer be adequate.
This paper proposes the usage of techniques, devel­


Source: Amir, Yair - Department of Computer Science, Johns Hopkins University
Dolev, Danny - School of Computer Science and Engineering, Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences