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Towards Scalable and Robust Overlay Networks Baruch Awerbuch

Summary: Towards Scalable and Robust Overlay Networks
Baruch Awerbuch
Department of Computer Science
Johns Hopkins University
Baltimore, MD 21218, USA
Christian Scheideler
Institute for Computer Science
Technical University of Munich
85748 Garching, Germany
Every peer-to-peer system is based on some overlay network connecting its peers. Many of the over-
lay network concepts proposed in the scientific community are based on the concept of virtual space.
These designs are usually highly scalable, but they do not guarantee robustness against adversarial at-
tacks, especially when considering open peer-to-peer systems. In these systems, determined adversaries
may start both insider and outsider attacks in order to harm the overlay network as much as this is pos-
sible. We will focus on insider attacks in which the adversarial peers in the network perform join-leave
attacks, and we will consider outsider attacks in which an adversary can perform a denial-of-service
attack against any of the honest peers in the network. Strategies have been proposed that can defend an


Source: Awerbuch, Baruch - Department of Computer Science, Johns Hopkins University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences