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ENEE 739J Project IV Submitted by Amit Agrawal

Summary: ENEE 739J Project IV
Submitted by Amit Agrawal
1 Problem Statement
Implement Structure and Motion Algorithm using Factorization Method for
orthographic projection and para-perspective projection and compare the results
with EKF based approach.
2 Implementation
In this project, Structure from Motion algorithm using factorization theorem
is implemented for perspective and orthographic projections. The results are
compared quantitatively with EKF based fusion approach 1.
2.1 Factorization theorem
Tomasi and Kanade [3] showed that for orthographic projection, the shape and
motion of a single 3D object can be recovered from image features using a
factorization based approach. They form a 2F P matrix composed of P
features from F frames. This matrix can be decomposed into a shape matrix S
and motion matrix M as W = M S. Poelman [4] extended the factorization
theorem to handle para-perspective projection. Para-perspective projection is
a better approximation to perspective projection and can better handle the
non-linearities of the perspective projection as compared to the orthographic
projection which can be used in cases where the object is far away from camera


Source: Agrawal, Amit - Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs


Collections: Engineering