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The DYNAQUEST-Framework for Dynamic and Adaptive Source Selection Marco Grawunder, Frank Koster

Summary: The DYNAQUEST-Framework for Dynamic and Adaptive Source Selection
Marco Grawunder, Frank K¨oster
University of Oldenburg, Department of Computer Sciences
Escherweg 2, 26125 Oldenburg, Germany,
Email: {grawunder|koester} @informatik.uni-oldenburg.de
Information overload is one of the main reasons why efficient use of internet information
sources is a mostly cumbersome process. Closely connected to this general observations
is the problem of resource discovery: Which are the best information sources to answer
my query respecting my preferences in the current execution context (e.g. time of day).
Virtual databases try to free users from the burden of distribution and heterogeneity
regarding the data access and data quality of information source in the Internet. Queries
are formulated against one (or more) virtual views, relevant sources are determined by
the system, queried, and finally the results of these sources are combined.
A latent problem in open systems like the Internet is caused by their high dynamics:
A previously fast answering server can be unreachable or new and better-suited sources
may be available. To cope with such problems, intelligent and fault-tolerant mechanisms
are needed.
DYNAQUEST, a framework for dynamic and adaptive query processing, is our pro-
posal to build robust virtual database systems. This agent-based approach helps locating


Source: Appelrath, Hans-Jürgen - Department für Informatik, Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences