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Providing Interactive Functions for Staggered Multicast Near VideoOnDemand Systems

Summary: Providing Interactive Functions for Staggered Multicast
Near Video­On­Demand Systems
(Extended Abstract)
Zongming Fei y \Lambda Ibrahim Kamel z Sarit Mukherjee z Mostafa H. Ammar y\Lambda
y Networking and z Panasonic Information and
Telecommunications Group Networking Technology Laboratory
College of Computing Panasonic Technologies, Inc.
Georgia Institute of Technology Two Research Way
Atlanta, GA 30332­0280 Princeton, NJ 08540
U.S.A. U.S.A.
ffei,ammarg@cc.gatech.edu fibrahim,saritg@research.panasonic.com
In this paper we propose a scheme to provide inter­
active functions through active buffer management at
the client side for staggered multicast near VOD sys­
tems. The scheme uses client side buffering in a novel
fashion that relies on the simultaneous availability of
``past'', ``present'' and ``future'' parts of a video and
lets the client selectively prefetch segments from mul­
ticast channels based on the observation of the play


Source: Ammar, Mostafa - College of Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology
Fei, Zongming - Department of Computer Science, University of Kentucky


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences