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Figure 1: Mean 500 hPa vertical velocity (hPa day-1 ) from (a) ERA, (b) HadAM3

Summary: Figure 1: Mean 500 hPa vertical velocity (hPa day-1
) from (a) ERA, (b) HadAM3
and (c) HadAM4 for January 1985-December 1989.
Figure 2: Populations of dynamical regimes for (a) ERA, (b) NCEP, (c) HadAM3
and (d) HadAM4.
Figure 3: Cloud albedo perturbation and longwave cloud forcing as a function
of dynamical region derived from satellite data, HadAM3 and HadAM4.
Figure 4: As Fig. 3 but for total cloud amount and net cloud forcing.
Figure 5: As Fig. 3 but for high cloud amount and high/thick cloud amount.
Figure 6: As Fig.3 but for high/medium optical thickness and high/thin cloud
Figure 7: Modified cloud forcing ratio parameter (N') in JJA for (a) ERBS 1985-
1989, (b) HadGAM 1979-1984 and (b) HadGEM 1979-1982. N' is the natural
logarithm of the ratio of the albedo effect of cloud to the greenhouse trapping
of cloud.
Figure 8: Time series of the 40o
N top-of-atmosphere interannual radiative
flux anomaly (Wm-2
) for (a) OLR, (b) clear-sky OLR and (c) RSW. Error bars


Source: Allan, Richard P. - Department of Meteorology, University of Reading


Collections: Geosciences