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Regulating CCTV by A. A. Adams

Summary: Regulating CCTV
by A. A. Adams
School of Systems Engineering
The University of Reading
Tel: 0118 378 6997
email: A.A.Adams@Rdg.ac.uk
Given that the number of CCTV cameras in the UK is the largest in the world, and given that it is unclear when
video data should be regarded as Personal Data (or what rights a blanket definition would reasonably provide to
the surveilled) it is claimed that a CCTV Act is needed in the UK. This claim appears to be supported by the police
authorities [Bal06a], although in addition to a broad claim regarding protection of privacy, their view is that private
CCTV should be forced to be of sufficient quality and sufficiently accessible, to be of use to the police. Given the
Office of the Surveillance Commissioners' [OSC] existing role in oversight of police surveillance operations, it is
suggested that the OSC be made responsible for licensing and regulating CCTV systems and operators. Protection
of raw video data as a potential source of Personal Data when processed is necessary (and currently outside the
scope of the Office of the Information Commissioner [OIC]). Where raw video data is sufficiently processed to
produce Personal Data or where it is linked with other data sufficient to identify individuals, the data would then


Source: Adams, Andrew A. - School of Systems Engineering, University of Reading


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences