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Timing-based Mutual Exclusion with Local Spinning (Extended Abstract)

Summary: Timing-based Mutual Exclusion with Local Spinning
(Extended Abstract)
Yong-Jik Kim and James H. Anderson
Department of Computer Science
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Email: {kimy,anderson}@cs.unc.edu
Abstract. We consider the time complexity of shared-memory mutual exclusion
algorithms based on reads, writes, and comparison primitives under the remote-
memory-reference (RMR) time measure. For asynchronous systems, a lower bound
of (log N/ log log N) RMRs per critical-section entry has been established in
previous work, where N is the number of processes. In this paper, we show that
lower RMR time complexity is attainable in semi-synchronous systems in which
processes may execute delay statements. When assessing the time complexity of
delay-based algorithms, the question of whether delays should be counted arises.
We consider both possibilities. Also of relevance is whether delay durations are
upper-bounded. (They are lower-bounded by deŁnition.) Again, we consider both
possibilities. For each of these possibilities, we present an algorithm with either
(1) or (log log N) time complexity. For the cases in which a (log log N)
algorithm is given, we establish matching (log log N) lower bounds.
1 Introduction


Source: Anderson, James - Department of Computer Science, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences