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On the Design of NonFragile Compensators via Symbolic Quantifier Elimination

Summary: On the Design of Non­Fragile Compensators via
Symbolic Quantifier Elimination
P. Dorato # , C.T. Abdallah # , and D. Famularo ##
# EECE Department
University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131­1356, USA
## Dipartimento di Elettronica, Informatica e Sistemistica
Universit‘a degli Studi della Calabria
Contrada Arcavacata di Rende
Rende (CS) 87036, ITALY
In this paper symbolic quantifier elimination methods are used to explore the fragility of feedback compen­
sators, and to design feedback systems with non­fragile compensators. A compensator is said to be fragile
if given variations in compensator parameters result in significant deterioration of feedback performance.
The issue of fragility is important in understanding the level of acurracy required to implement a given
compensator design.
1 Introduction
It is generally known that feedback control systems require accurate compensators, compared to relatively
inaccurate plants. However, for some optimal designs, the accuracy may be so high that serious performance
deterioration, including loss of stability, may occur even for very small perturbations in compensator pa­


Source: Abdallah, Chaouki T- Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, University of New Mexico


Collections: Engineering