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Franklin College Faculty Senate Minutes of the meeting of Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Summary: Franklin College Faculty Senate
Minutes of the meeting of Tuesday, April 21, 2009
The meeting was called to order at 3:30 pm in room 250 of the Miller Learning Center, Joe
Hermanowicz presiding.
Members present: J. P. Caillault, Wayne Coppins, Steve Dalton, Gauri Datta, Charles Doyle, Mario
Erasmo, Ray Freeman-Lynde, Christine Haase, Joe Hermanowicz, Christopher Hocking; Philip
Holmes, Thomas Houser, Edward Kipreos, John Lynch, Gordana Matic, Masaki Mori, Diana Ranson,
Dawn Robinson, Paul Schliekelman, Jake Short, Eric Stabb, Roger Stahl, Mike Tiemeyer, Bram Tucker,
Shuzhou Wang, Mark Wheeler.
Proxies: Adrian Burd for Charles Hopkinson; Ismailcem Budak Arpinar for Rod Canfield; Maguerite
Madden for Marshall Shepherd; Amy Ross for Nik Heynen; Chris Sieving for Kristin Kundert-Gibbs.
Visitors: Ashley Brown, graduate student at Georgia Southern University; Joseph Fu, Head of the
Department of Mathematics; and the members of the Bylaws Revisions Committee, Bill Barstow,
Department of Biology; Brigitte Rossbacher, Department of Germanic and Slavic Languages; Adrian
Burd, Department of Marine Sciences.
Members not present: Yuri Balashov, Kelly Dyer, Michael Hahn, Shane Hamilton, Roy Kennedy,
Michael Kernis, Ron Miller, Kanzo Nakayama, Ron Orlando, Vladimir Popik
Approval of the minutes from the 24 Mar minutes: Eric Stabb moved, Dawn Robinson seconded;
motion carried unanimously.
Presiding officer Joe Hermanowicz's remarks:


Source: Arnold, Jonathan - Nanoscale Science and Engineering Center & Department of Genetics, University of Georgia


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