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Langmuir 1994,10, 3377-3379 3377 Processing of Monolithic Magnetic Gels for

Summary: Langmuir 1994,10, 3377-3379 3377
Processing of Monolithic Magnetic Gels for
Yong-Nam Juri,? Daniel M. Dabbs,$Ilhan A. &say,* and
Shyamsunder Erramilli*?t
Departments of Physics and Chemical Engineering and Princeton Materials Institute,
Princeton University,Princeton, New Jersey 08544
Received May 26, 1994
Magnetite particles and monosized polystyrene beads were trapped in a silica sol-gel, which was then
dried by using supercritical fluid extraction. When the monolithic dried gel is sintered, the polystyrene
beads are pyrolyzed, leaving a porous magnetized piece of ceramic with controlled pore sizes. These
"magneticgel"ceramicsprovideanovelclassofmaterials foruseingelmagnetophoresisand otherbiophysical
We report the synthesis of a "magnetic gel"oxide glass
with controlled pore sizes intended for magnetophoresis
applications in biology. Magnetophoresis, where mag-
netically labeledcellsorDNAaretrappedbyhigh magnetic
field gradients, is a rapidly evolving technique that is
complementary to the more widely used electrophoresis
method. Existing implementationsofhigh magnetic field


Source: Aksay, Ilhan A. - Department of Chemical Engineering, Princeton University


Collections: Materials Science