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4.4 Organization of Conferences and Workshops Boris Kunyavskii

Summary: §4.4 Organization of Conferences and Workshops
Boris Kunyavskii
2006 French-Israeli Workshop "Global Fields: Algebra, Geometry, Arithmetic, and
Computation'', Nahariya (organizer, with M. Tsfasman)
2007 French-Israeli-Russian Workshop "Global Fields'', Moscow (organizer, with G.
Lachaud, M. Tsfasman et al.)
Boris Kunyavskii , Eugene Plotkin, Gregory Soifer
2004 Workshop on Linear Algebraic Groups, Quadratic Forms and Related Topics,
Eilat, Israel, February 1-5
Boris Kunyavskii, Eugene Plotkin
2005 International Conference Group theory and Universal Algebra, Jerusalem­Beer
Sheva, Israel, December 20-25
2007 Workshop on Geometry around the Solvable Radical, Dusseldorf, Germany,
October 8-10
2008 Workshop on Algebra, Geometry, Arithmetic, Dynamics Related to the Solvable
Radical and Representations of Finite Groups Dusseldorf, Germany, November 25-28
Stuart Margolis, Louis Rowen, Malka Schaps
2007/2008 Conference on Representations of Algebras, Groups and Semigroups,
December 30-Jan. 3, Bar-Ilan and (one day) at Netanya
Tahl Nowik


Source: Adin, Ron - Department of Mathematics, Bar Ilan University


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