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CODEEWinter 1996 back then: Here I am, a dynamicist, teaching a

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C·ODE·EWinter 1996
back then: Here I am, a dynamicist, teaching a
course in my specialty, differential equations, but
conveying NONE of the excitement that was swirling
around dynamics in those days.
My current course is much different. In fact, I
think that the evolution in MY differential equations
course has already happened. Yes, it will evolve
somewhat over the next few years. Yes, technological
breakthroughs will influence what and how I teach.
But I doubt that the curricular changes that will occur
over the next decade will come anywhere close to the
changes that have already occurred.
Here is an abridged version of my syllabus from
1982 including the number of weeks (approximately)
I spent on each topic:
First order equations (Separable, exact, linear,
Bernoulli, applications) --- 2 weeks
Second order equations --- 4 weeks


Source: Aboufadel, Edward F. - Department of Mathematics, Grand Valley State University


Collections: Multidisciplinary Databases and Resources; Mathematics