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Spatio-Chromatic ICA of a Mosaiced Color David Alleysson1

Summary: Spatio-Chromatic ICA of a Mosaiced Color
David Alleysson1
, Sabine S¨usstrunk2
Laboratory for Psychology and NeuroCognition, CNRS UMR 5105,
Universit´e Pierre-Mend`es France, Grenoble, France.
Audiovisual Communications Laboratory,
´Ecole Polytechnique F´ed´erale de Lausanne, Switzerland.
David.Alleysson@upmf-grenoble.fr, Sabine.Susstrunk@epfl.ch
Abstract. We analyze whether Independant Component Analysis (ICA)
is an appropriate tool for estimating spatial information in spatio-chromatic
mosaiced color images. In previous studies, ICA analysis of natural color
scenes (Hoyer et al. 2000; Tailor et al., 2000; Wachtler et al., 2001; Lee et
al. 2002) have shown the emergence of achromatic patterns that can be
used for luminance estimation. However, these analysis are based on fully
defined spatio-chromatic images, i.e. three or more chromatic values per
pixel. In case of a reduced spatio-chromatic set with a single chromatic
measure per pixel, such as present in the retina or in CFA images, we


Source: Alleysson, David - Laboratoire de Psychologie et NeuroCognition, Université Pierre Mendes France


Collections: Biology and Medicine