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Verification of MPI-Based Software for Scientific Computation

Summary: Verification of MPI-Based Software for Scientific
Stephen F. Siegel and George S. Avrunin
Laboratory for Advanced Software Engineering, Dept. of Computer Science,
University of Massachusetts, Amherst MA 01003, USA
Abstract. We explore issues related to the application of finite-state
verification techniques to scientific computation software employing the
widely-used Message-Passing Interface (MPI). Many of the features of
MPI that are important for programmers present significant difficulties
for model checking. In this paper, we examine a small parallel program
that computes the evolution in time of a discretized function u defined
on a 2-dimensional domain and governed by the diffusion equation. Al-
though this example is simple, it makes use of many of the problematic
features of MPI. We discuss the modeling of these features and use Spin
and INCA to verify several correctness properties for various configura-
tions of this program. Finally, we describe some general theorems that
can be used to justify simplifications in finite-state models of MPI pro-
grams and that guarantee certain properties must hold for any program


Source: Avrunin, George S. - Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Massachusetts at Amherst


Collections: Mathematics