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1. Introduction The critical temperatures of lithium, sodium

Summary: 1. Introduction
The critical temperatures of lithium, sodium
and potassium, which are used in CTRs and
FBRs. are required for safety analysis under
accident conditions. In addition. Cb and Rb are
among the predominant lission products in nu-
clear reactors whose critical temperatures arc
also rcquircd to be known reliably by ~hc reactor
dcsigncrs to envisage their chemical state in the
For the purpose of determining the critical
temperatures a number of experimental and
theoretical methods have been employed. and
were excellently reviewed in the literature [I].
Some of the theoretical estimations are hased on
SST, PCS, LRD. VdWEOS. molecular
dynamics, Monte Carlo simulation etc. Recently
Srinivasan and Ganesan [7] had developed an
mtcrnal pressure approach (IPA), making use of
an equation of state derived by Suryanarayana


Source: Azad, Abdul-Majeed - Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering, University of Toledo


Collections: Materials Science; Energy Storage, Conversion and Utilization