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External-Memory Computational Geometry Preliminary Version

Summary: External-Memory Computational Geometry
Preliminary Version
Michael T. Goodrich Jyh-Jong Tsayy Darren Erik Vengro z Je rey Scott Vitterx
Dept. of Computer Science Dept. of Computer Science Dept. of Computer Science Dept. of Computer Science
The Johns Hopkins University and Information Engineering Brown University Duke University
Baltimore, MD 21218 National Chung Cheng University Providence, RI 02912-1910 Durham, NC 27708 0129
Chiayi 621, Taiwan, ROC
In this paper we give new techniques for designing
e cient algorithms for computational geometry prob-
lems that are too large to be solved in internal mem-
ory. We use these techniques to develop optimal and
practical algorithms for a number of important large-
scale problems. We discuss our algorithms primarily
in the context of single processor single disk machines,
a domain in which they are not only the rst known
optimal results but also of tremendous practical value.
Our methods also produce the rst known optimal al-
gorithms for a wide range of two-level and hierarchical
multilevel memory models, including parallel models.


Source: Arge, Lars - Department of Computer Science, Aarhus Universitet


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences