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Generation and Analysis of End Sequence Database for T-DNA Tagging Lines in Rice1

Summary: Generation and Analysis of End Sequence Database for
T-DNA Tagging Lines in Rice1
Suyoung An2
, Sunhee Park2
, Dong-Hoon Jeong, Dong-Yeon Lee, Hong-Gyu Kang, Jung-Hwa Yu,
Junghe Hur, Sung-Ryul Kim, Young-Hea Kim, Miok Lee, Soonki Han, Soo-Jin Kim, Jungwon Yang,
Eunjoo Kim, Soo Jin Wi, Hoo Sun Chung, Jong-Pil Hong, Vitnary Choe, Hak-Kyung Lee, Jung-Hee Choi,
Jongmin Nam, Seong-Ryong Kim, Phun-Bum Park, Ky Young Park, Woo Taek Kim, Sunghwa Choe,
Chin-Bum Lee, and Gynheung An*
National Research Laboratory of Plant Functional Genomics, Division of Molecular and Life Sciences,
Pohang University of Science and Technology, Pohang 790784, Korea (S.A., S.P., D.-H.J., D.-Y.L., H.-G.K.,
J.-H.Y., J.H., S.-R.K., Y.-H.K., M.L., G.A.); Department of Life Science, Sogang University, Seoul 121742,
Korea (S.H., S.-J.K., S.-R.K.); Department of Genetic Engineering, Suwon University, Suwon 445743, Korea
(J.Y., E.K., P.-B.P.); Department of Biology, Sunchon National University, Sunchon 540742, Korea (S.J.W.,
K.Y.P.); Department of Biology, Yonsei University, Seoul 120749, Korea (H.S.C., J-.P.H., W.T.K.);
Department of Biology, Seoul National University, Seoul 151747, Korea (V.C., S.C.); Department of Biology,
Dong-eui University, Pusan 614714, Korea. (H.-K.L., J.-H.C., C.-B.L.); and Institute of Molecular
Evolutionary Genetics and Department of Biology, Pennsylvania State University, 208 Mueller Laboratory,
University Park, Pennsylvania 16802 (J.N.)
We analyzed 6,749 lines tagged by the gene trap vector pGA2707. This resulted in the isolation of 3,793 genomic sequences


Source: An, Gynheung - Department of Life Science, Pohang University of Science and Technology


Collections: Biotechnology; Biology and Medicine