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Automated Diagrammatic Reasoning A proof checker for the language of E

Summary: Automated Diagrammatic Reasoning
A proof checker for the language of E
Benjamin J. Northrop
Masters Thesis
Department of Philosophy, Carnegie Mellon University
Id like to thank: John Mumma for connecting me with the Elements and with E;
Jeremy Avigad for never giving up on me during this long process, his patience and
encouragement were boundless; Wilfried Sieg for his thoughtful, helpful feedback; my
wife for making this thesis a priority even during busy, trying times; and my parents
for their love and support.
For over two thousand years, Euclids Elements stood not just as the canonical
reference on geometry, but as the paragon of mathematical rigor. Through
meticulously argued proofs, carefully grounded in a set of definitions, postulates, and
common notions, the Elements delivered new mathematical theorems in thirteen
different books, covering both geometry and basic mathematics. These results were
studied for centuries, and at large, not found wanting. Despite its stability, however,


Source: Avigad, Jeremy - Departments of Mathematical Sciences & Philosophy, Carnegie Mellon University


Collections: Multidisciplinary Databases and Resources; Mathematics