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High current gain InGaN=GaN HBTs with C operating temperature

Summary: High current gain InGaN=GaN HBTs with
C operating temperature
D.M. Keogh, P.M. Asbeck, T. Chung, J. Limb, D. Yoo,
J.-H. Ryou, W. Lee, S.-C. Shen and R.D. Dupuis
High current gain InGaN base heterojunction bipolar transistors
(HBTs) with a graded emitter design are presented. The devices
show incremental current gain values above 30, and low offset and
knee voltages of approximately 23 and 56 V, respectively. Device
operation was demonstrated at temperatures as high as 300
Introduction: InGaN=GaN heterojunction bipolar transistors (HBTs)
have met with considerable success recently; devices have been
reported with high current gain [13] and high voltage operation
[4, 5]. Initial work on nitride based HBTs focused on the AlGaN=GaN
material system [611], but the high ionisation energy of the Mg
acceptor in GaN [12] limits the effective hole density in the base layer,
severely restricting device performance. InGaN alloys, however, have
been shown to possess lower ionisation energies for the Mg acceptor
[13, 14], providing a pathway for higher base carrier densities and a


Source: Asbeck, Peter M. - Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of California at San Diego


Collections: Engineering