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Analysis of Routing Characteristics in the Multicast Infrastructure

Summary: Analysis of Routing Characteristics
in the Multicast Infrastructure
Prashant Rajvaidya and Kevin C. Almeroth
Department of Computer Science
University of California­Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-5110
prash, almerothˇ @cs.ucsb.edu
Abstract-- As the multicast-capable part of the Internet con-
tinues to evolve, important questions to ask are whether the
protocols are operating correctly, the topology is well connected,
and the routes are stable. A critical step in being able to answer
these questions is to monitor the traffic and network operation.
In this paper, we analyze characteristics of the multicast infras-
tructure over the last three years using monitoring data collected
from several key routers. Specifically, we focus on analyzing two
characteristics of the infrastructure: size and stability. The size
analysis focuses on counting the number of connected hosts and
networks, and analyzing how the size of the infrastructure has
changed over past three years. Second, the stability analysis
focuses on examining persistence, prevalence, and visibility of


Source: Almeroth, Kevin C. - Department of Computer Science, University of California at Santa Barbara


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences