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NL-printable sets and Nondeterministic Kolmogorov Complexity

Summary: NL-printable sets and Nondeterministic
Kolmogorov Complexity
Eric Allender
Dept. of Computer Science
Rutgers University
New Brunswick, NJ, USA
June 21, 2011
P-printable sets were defined by Hartmanis and Yesha and have
been investigated by several researchers. The analogous notion of L-
printable sets was defined by Fortnow et al; both P-printability and
L-printability were shown to be related to notions of resource-bounded
Kolmogorov complexity. NL-printability was defined by Jenner and
Kirsig, but some basic questions regarding this notion were left open.
In this paper we answer a question of Jenner and Kirsig by providing
a machine-based characterization of the NL-printable sets.
In order to relate NL-printability to resource-bounded Kolmogorov
complexity, the paper introduces nondeterministic space-bounded Kol-
mogorov complexity. We present some of the basic properties of this


Source: Allender, Eric - Department of Computer Science, Rutgers University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences