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Molecular Biology of the Cell Vol. 9, 24772490, September 1998

Summary: Molecular Biology of the Cell
Vol. 9, 2477­2490, September 1998
Selective Perturbation of Apical Membrane Traffic by
Expression of Influenza M2, an Acid-activated Ion
Channel, in Polarized Madin­Darby Canine
Kidney Cells
Jennifer R. Henkel,* Gerard Apodaca,* Yoram Altschuler,
Stephen Hardy,
and Ora A. Weisz*§
*Laboratory of Epithelial Cell Biology, Renal-Electrolyte Division, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh,
Pennsylvania 15261;
Department of Anatomy, University of California, San Francisco Medical School,
San Francisco, California 94143; and
Cell Genesys, Foster City, California 94404
Submitted February 17, 1998; Accepted July 7, 1998
Monitoring Editor: Suzanne R. Pfeffer
The function of acidification along the endocytic pathway is not well understood, in part
because the perturbants used to modify compartmental pH have global effects and in
some cases alter cytoplasmic pH. We have used a new approach to study the effect of pH
perturbation on postendocytic traffic in polarized Madin­Darby canine kidney (MDCK)


Source: Apodaca, Gerard - Departments of Medicine & Cell Biology and Physiology, University of Pittsburgh


Collections: Biology and Medicine