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Sample Exam 2 for Introductory Statistics Prof. Bernardo brego Math 140, Fall 2006

Summary: Sample Exam 2 for Introductory Statistics
Prof. Bernardo Ábrego Math 140, Fall 2006
Name. 10/29/06
· You have 1 hour and 50 minutes to complete the test.
· You can use a 3"×5" card with notes, your calculator, and the z-tables provided. No other materials
are allowed.
· No scratch paper is permitted. For this purpose or in case you need more space you can use the back
of the pages of the test.
1. The distribution of grades on a college statistics exam taken by more than 1500 students are given in
the table.
Grade Percent Receiving Grade
1 26.5
2 35.4
3 23.3
4 14.8
(a) Compute the mean and standard deviation of this distribution.
mean µ =
standard deviation =
(b) Describe the shape, mean, and standard deviation (standard error) of the sampling distribution


Source: Abrego, Bernardo - Department of Mathematics, California State University, Northridge


Collections: Mathematics