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Multiprocessor Scheduling of HardRealTime Periodic Tasks with Task Migration Constraints \Lambda

Summary: Multiprocessor Scheduling of Hard­Real­Time Periodic Tasks with
Task Migration Constraints \Lambda
Tse Lee and Albert Mo Kim Cheng
Department of Computer Science
University of Houston
Houston, TX 77204­3475
We present a sufficient condition for preemptive
scheduling of a set of independent, periodic tasks on
n identical processors with task migration constraints
so that each task i can complete its computation time
C i before its deadline D i . Any set of independent, pe­
riodic tasks satisfying this condition are guaranteed a
feasible schedule at run time. This condition is op­
timal for a set of m independent and periodic tasks
running on an n­processor system which requires a
task migration time of R(R ? 1) cycles. Let T =
gcd(D 1 ; D 2 ; : : : ; Dm ). If the utilization factor (U) of
a set of periodic tasks is at most n \Lambda (T \Gamma R + 1)=T ,


Source: Azevedo, Ricardo - Department of Biology and Biochemistry, University of Houston


Collections: Biology and Medicine; Environmental Sciences and Ecology