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Applying for Scholarships & Awards: A Professor's Advice to Students

Summary: Applying for Scholarships & Awards:
A Professor's Advice to Students
D Farenick, University of Regina.
My first scholarship application was a complete dud. Some mistakes I made were:
I asked the wrong professors for reference letters;
I failed to supply my reference letter writers with any information that would distinguish me
from other students;
I had no vision of my future; I had no sense of what my accomplishments were (if any!);
all I wanted was the money, and I couldn't really say why I deserved it.
Not surprisingly, I was passed over when the results were announced. I realised that my application
really did reflect me (possibly, a dud), and perhaps I could do better.
Two years later:
I applied for two scholarships and received three! (one national, one provincial, and one local)
Since then, I have read and adjudicated thousands (this is true!) of scholarship applications at the local
and national level. What follows are a few pieces of advice for students who are making scholarship
The Obvious and Nonobvious Benefits of Applying for Scholarships
One might think that the benefit of applying for a scholarship is solely the potential for financial gain.
But I believe there are other benefits: so doing will make you a better scholar and you will have a better


Source: Argerami, Martin - Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Regina


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