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Student Barometer 2011 -CiCS Results Introduction

Summary: Student Barometer 2011 - CiCS Results
i-graduate carried out a survey on behalf of the University of Sheffield of students (Undergraduate and
Postgraduate) who completed their studies in 2011. The overall results were compared to other universities
nationally and internationally. CiCS had the opportunity to add questions to the survey.
Awareness of CiCS
Awareness of CiCS is high. 76% of students had used CiCS services and a further 19% were aware of
CiCS but said that they had not used our services yet (95% in total).
Information about our Services
We asked students where they got information about our services. The most popular response was from
friends (53%) followed by the CiCS Web pages (43%). Inductions held in the Information Commons
reached 30% of students whereas printed leaflets were utilized by just 15% of students. CiCS twitter, an
emerging communication channel, was used by 3% of students.
We also asked students how satisfied they were with the information provided by CiCS. Satisfaction
(with very satisfied and satisfied aggregated) was high at 94% and over for all communication channels
(IC Induction, CiCS web pages, CiCS monthly email, printed leaflets, CiCS staff, plasma screens, CiCS
twitter). Students are accessing CiCS communication channels to varying degrees but all, when used, are
Usage of Services
We asked students which of our services they used and how frequently. The most common services


Source: Applebaum, David - Department of Probability and Statistics, University of Sheffield


Collections: Mathematics