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Hospital Stockpiling for Influenza Pandemics with Pre-Determined Response Levels

Summary: Hospital Stockpiling for Influenza Pandemics with Pre-Determined
Response Levels
Po-Ching C. DeLaurentis, Elodie Adida and Mark Lawley
Abstract-- This paper explores the problem of hospital stock-
piling of critical medical supplies in preparation for a possible
influenza pandemic. We consider a regional network of hospitals
that have mutual aid agreements in place such that they
may borrow or lend supplies from each other during medical
emergencies. We assume that the attack rate is a random
variable with known distribution and that the demand surge
due to the pandemic is a function of the attack rate, and is thus
stochastic. We further assume that each hospital in the network
pre-determines its targeted pandemic response level, and that
any demand beyond this pre-determined level is reallocated to
other hospitals. Each hospital in the network must decide the
stockpile level that minimizes its expected overall cost, including
purchasing cost, holding cost, cost (revenue) for borrowing
(lending), penalty for setting a too low targeted level, and
shortage penalty. To capture the mutual aid relationships of
hospitals in the network, we formulate the problem as a game


Source: Adida, Elodie - Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, University of Illinois at Chicago


Collections: Engineering