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International Journal of Mass Spectrometry 222 (2003) 493501 Characterization of {M8[S2CC(CN)2]6}4-

Summary: International Journal of Mass Spectrometry 222 (2003) 493501
Characterization of {M8[S2CC(CN)2]6}4-
, where M = CuI
and AgI
, homocubane clusters by 252
desorption mass spectrometry
Catherine J. McNeal1
, C.W. Liu, Siqing Song, Yong Huang, Ronald D. Macfarlane,
Michael D. Irwin, John P. Fackler Jr.
Laboratory for Molecular Structure and Bonding, Department of Chemistry, Texas A&M University,
College Station, TX 77843-3255, USA
Received 13 September 2002; accepted 7 October 2002
Dedicated to the recognition of the many contributions to mass spectrometry of Jesse (Jack) Beauchamp on his 60th birthday.
The molecular weights of homocubane clusters, [M8L6]4- where M = CuI and AgI, containing 1,1-dicyano-ethylene-2,2-
dithiolate ligands have been determined by 252Cf-plasma desorption mass spectrometry. In addition to the expected parent
ion, an unexpected pentaanionic cluster also was observed for both metal systems. These studies affirm the versatility of
252Cf-PDMS for providing a rapid verification of the purity and formulation of high nuclearity cluster compounds. (Int J
Mass Spectrom 222 (2003) 493501)


Source: Abdou, Hanan E. - Department of Chemistry, Texas A&M University


Collections: Chemistry