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Planning and Search SEM feedback 2011-12

Summary: Planning and Search
SEM feedback 2011-12
SEM feedback 2011-12 1
Plan of the lecture
SEM feedback
Exercise 2
Exercise 3
SEM feedback 2011-12 2
Summary of Module Evaluation Questionnaires
16 questionnaires
(allegedly 46 students taking the module. I am terrified about the exam
results, but not going to scale the marks up!)
10 mostly positive (`agree' to most questions)
5 mostly neutral (`neutral', some `agree', some `disagree'),
1 neutral/negative
SEM feedback 2011-12 3
Your comments and suggestions
developed knowledge and understanding of the subject; suggestion:
would be nice if there were more opportunities to check un-
derstanding through exercises and coursework


Source: Alechina, Natasha - School of Computer Science, University of Nottingham


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences