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FaultTolerance: Java's Missing Buzzword Lorenzo Alvisi

Summary: Fault­Tolerance: Java's Missing Buzzword
Lorenzo Alvisi
Department of Computer Sciences
The University of Texas at Austin
Austin TX 78712
Java has been described as a simple, object­oriented,
distributed, interpreted, robust, secure, architectural
neutral, portable, high­performance, multithreaded and
dynamic language, prompting some to describe it as
the first buzzword­compliant programming language.
We submit that to deserve full certification---and in
the process establish itself as the natural choice for
developing large­scale distributed applications---Java
misses a crucial buzzword: fault­tolerant. We outline
some promising research directions for building reli­
able Java­based applications.
1 Introduction
Java may well be the most exciting technology
of our time [2], but the excitement never appeared


Source: Alvisi, Lorenzo - Department of Computer Sciences, University of Texas at Austin


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences