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ASTR 3830: Astrophysics 2 Galactic and Extragalactic http://jilawww.colorado.edu/~pja/astr3830/

Summary: ASTR 3830: Astrophysics 2 Galactic and Extragalactic
TIME & PLACE: MWF 10:00 10:50 am, Duane G131
INSTRUCTOR: Phil Armitage
EMAIL: pja@jilau1.colorado.edu (note: I don't have a standard name@colorado.edu
email account, so don't try sending mail there!)
OFFICE: JILA tower A909, phone 303 - 492 7836. My mailbox is on the second
floor of the tower, at the JILA reception.
AIMS OF THE COURSE: This course follows on from ASTR 3730 to form a
year-long introduction to astrophysics. The aim is to show how mostly
elementary physical principles can be applied to work out what's going on in a
diverse range of astronomical objects, which this semester will include galaxies,
supermassive black holes, and the Universe as a whole. After a couple of classes
of overview we will cover:
1. Gamma-ray bursts an example of a stellar phenomenon visible at
extragalactic distances.
2. The Milky Way galaxy including the different components of our own
galaxy and discussion of how stars interact with each other.
3. `Normal' galaxies the classification and properties of spiral, elliptical
and irregular galaxies.


Source: Armitage, Phil - Department of Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences, University of Colorado at Boulder


Collections: Physics