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Perceived Shrinkage of Motion Paths Michele Sinico

Summary: APA
Perceived Shrinkage of Motion Paths
Michele Sinico
University IUAV of Venice
Giulia Parovel
University of Siena
Clara Casco
University of Padua
Stuart Anstis
University of California San Diego
We show that human observers strongly underestimate a linear or circular trajectory that a luminous spot
follows in the dark. At slow speeds, observers are relatively accurate, but, as the speed increases, the size
of the path is progressively underestimated, by up to 35%. The underestimation imposes little memory
load and does not require tracking of the trajectory. Most importantly, we found that underestimation
occurred only when successive motion vectors changed in direction. This suggests a perceptual rather
than representational origin of the illusion, related to vector-sum integration over time of motion signals
in different directions.
Keywords: motion integration, illusions, trajectory
Human observers are extremely precise in judging the size of


Source: Anstis, Stuart - Department of Psychology, University of California at San Diego


Collections: Biology and Medicine