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DATE:April 8, 2009 TO: Strategic Planning Committee

Summary: 1
DATE:April 8, 2009
TO: Strategic Planning Committee
FROM: Joyce Green, Political Science
RE: Issues for Strategic Planning
1. Creating an Indigenous-Friendly University
We live in a racist, stratified society and those divisions are apparent in the University in both
physical divisions (what Razack calls "racialized space") and in intellectual divisions
(epistemic divisions and rejections, according to Kuokkanen). They impact on its composition,
on its intellectual production, and on its formation of elites who become influential in our
political, economic, cultural and social orders. We have an obligation to address this, in the
interests of all of our students and our broader community. (References: Smith 1999;
Kuokkanen 2007; Denzin, Lincoln and Smith 2008; Green 1998; Green and Peach 2007; Green
2005; Stewart-Harawira 2005; Razack 2002)
The entire university needs to be indigenised both for reasons of social justice and social
relevance; and in order to discharge its mandate of providing comprehensive excellent education.
The objective of indigenization should be pursued via (1) faculty recruitment and retention of
Aboriginal intellectuals and of support staff; (2) Aboriginal student recruitment and retention in
all faculties and disciplines; and (3) canonical inclusion of relevant Aboriginal materials,


Source: Argerami, Martin - Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Regina


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