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Gravity Modulates Listing's Plane Orientation During Both Pursuit and Saccades

Summary: report
Gravity Modulates Listing's Plane Orientation During Both Pursuit
and Saccades
Bernhard J.M. Hess and Dora E. Angelaki
Department of Neurology, University Hospital Zu¨rich, CH-8091, Switzerland; and Department of Neurobiology, Washington University
School of Medicine, St. Louis, Missouri 63110
Submitted 24 February 2003; accepted in final form 13 April 2003
Hess, Bernhard J.M. and Dora E. Angelaki. Gravity modulates
Listing's plane orientation during both pursuit and saccades. J Neu-
rophysiol 90: 1340­1345, 2003; 10.1152/jn.00167.2003. Previous
studies have shown that the spatial organization of all eye orientations
during visually guided saccadic eye movements (Listing's plane)
varies systematically as a function of static and dynamic head orien-
tation in space. Here we tested if a similar organization also applies to
the spatial orientation of eye positions during smooth pursuit eye
movements. Specifically, we characterized the three-dimensional dis-
tribution of eye positions during horizontal and vertical pursuit (0.1
Hz, 15° and 0.5 Hz, 8°) at different eccentricities and elevations
while rhesus monkeys were sitting upright or being statically tilted in
different roll and pitch positions. We found that the spatial organiza-


Source: Angelaki, Dora - Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology, Washington University in St. Louis


Collections: Biology and Medicine