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Bakery Algorithms Uri Abraham

Summary: Bakery Algorithms
Uri Abraham
Department of Mathematics
Ben Gurion University
Beer-Sheva, Israel
May 18, 2001
An approach to proving higher level properties of distributed pro-
tocols is suggested here in which a proof consists of two stages: In
the higher-level stage, abstract properties of system executions are as-
sumed and their desired consequences are proved. At the lower-level
stage these abstract properties are shown to hold in every execution
of the protocol.
The paper studies the Bakery Algorithm of Lamport and some
variants (these are all mutual exclusion protocols), and its main con-
tribution is a protocol which is similar to the Bakery Algorithm but
only uses bounded values. Another variant uses local clocks to co-
ordinate the protocol's execution, and conditions on the clocks are
determined that suĂce for the protocol's correctness.


Source: Abraham, Uri - Departments of Computer Science & Mathematics, Ben-Gurion University


Collections: Mathematics; Computer Technologies and Information Sciences