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Image Registration of Printed Circuit Boards using Hybrid Genetic Syamsiah Mashohor1

Summary: Image Registration of Printed Circuit Boards using Hybrid Genetic
Syamsiah Mashohor1
, Jonathan R. Evans1
and Tughrul Arslan1,2
Abstract-- In this paper, hybridization of hill-climbing (HC)
and elitism (E) with a specially tailored Genetic Algorithm
(GA) for image registration of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)
placed arbitrarily on a conveyor belt during inspection
is proposed to maximize the robustness of the existing
framework. These hybrid methods are investigated individually
and in combination for accuracy, reliability and performance.
Experimental results highlight the potential of the hybrid
GA (HGA) that consists of all methods in combination
because of the most accurate findings and significantly more
reliable than GA alone. However, there is a compensation on
performance, though it converges efficiently in terms of number
of generations.
The goal of the registration task is to find the


Source: Arslan, Tughrul - School of Engineering and Electronics, University of Edinburgh


Collections: Engineering