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A Framework for Multi-Robot Coalition Lovekesh Vig and Julie A. Adams

Summary: A Framework for Multi-Robot Coalition
Lovekesh Vig and Julie A. Adams
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department,
Vanderbilt University,
TN 37212
{lovekesh.vig, julie.a.adams}@vanderbilt.edu
Abstract. Task allocation is a fundamental problem that any multi-
robot system must address. Numerous multi-robot task allocation schemes
have been proposed over the past decade. A vast majority of these
schemes address the problem of assigning a single robot to each task.
However as the complexity of multi-robot tasks increases, often situa-
tions arise where multiple robot teams need to be assigned to a set of
tasks. This problem, also known as the coalition formation problem has
received relatively little attention in the multi-robot community. This
paper provides a generic, task independent framework for solutions to
this problem for a variety task environments. In particular, the paper
introduces RACHNA, a novel auction based coalition formation system
for dynamic task environments. This is an extension to our previous


Source: Adams, Julie A. - Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Vanderbilt University


Collections: Engineering; Computer Technologies and Information Sciences