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Detectors and Correctors: A Theory of Fault-Tolerance Components1

Summary: Detectors and Correctors:
A Theory of Fault-Tolerance Components1
Anish Arora Sandeep S. Kulkarni
Department of Computer and Information Science
The Ohio State University
Columbus, Ohio 43210 USA
In this paper, we show that two types of tolerance components, namely detectors
and correctors, appear in a rich class of fault-tolerant systems. This class includes
systems designed using the wellknown techniques of encapsulation and re nement,
as well as systems designed using extant fault-tolerance methods such as replication
and the state-machine approach. Our demonstration is via a theory of detectors and
correctors, which characterizes the particular role of these components in achieving
various types of fault-tolerance. Based on this theory and on our experience with
using these components in designs, we suggest that detectors and correctors provide
a powerful basis for e cient, component-based design of fault-tolerance.
Keywords : Composition, Fault environment, Tolerance components, Tolerance
A preliminary version of this paper appeared as 6].


Source: Arora, Anish - Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Ohio State University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences