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Query Planning for Searching Inter-Dependent Deep-web Databases

Summary: Query Planning for Searching Inter-Dependent
Deep-web Databases
Fan Wang1
, Gagan Agrawal1
, and Ruoming Jin2
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Ohio State University,Columbus OH 43210
Department of Computer Science, Kent State University, Kent OH 44242
Abstract. Increasingly, many data sources appear as online databases, hidden
behind query forms, thus forming what is referred to as the deep web. It is de-
sirable to have systems that can provide a high-level and simple interface for
users to query such data sources, and can automate data retrieval from the deep
web. However, such systems need to address the following challenges. First, in
most cases, no single database can provide all desired data, and therefore, mul-
tiple different databases need to be queried for a given user query. Second, due
to the dependencies present between the deep-web databases, certain databases


Source: Agrawal, Gagan - Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Ohio State University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences