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Designing Safe, Reliable Systems using Scade Parosh Aziz Abdulla 1 , Johann Deneux 1 , Gunnar Stalmarck 2 , Herman Agren 2 ,

Summary: Designing Safe, Reliable Systems using Scade
Parosh Aziz Abdulla 1 , Johann Deneux 1 , Gunnar Stšalmarck 2 , Herman š Agren 2 ,
and Ove š Akerlund 2
1 Uppsala University, department of Information Technology
box 337 SE­75105 Uppsala, Sweden
2 Prover Technology AB, Rosenlundsgatan 54 SE­11863 Stockholm, Sweden
Abstract. As safety critical systems increase in size and complexity, the
need for e#cient tools to verify their reliability grows. In this paper we
present a tool that helps engineers design safe and reliable systems. Sys­
tems are reliable if they keep operating safely when components fail. Our
tool is at the core of the Scade Design Verifier integrated within Scade,
a product developed by Esterel Technologies. Scade includes a graphical
interface to build formal models in the synchronous data­flow language
Lustre. Our tool automatically extends Lustre models by injecting faults,
using libraries of typical failures. It allows to perform Failure Mode and
E#ect Analysis, which consists of verifying whether systems remain safe
when selected components fail. The tool can also compute minimal com­
binations of failures breaking systems' safety, which is similar to Fault
Tree Analysis. The paper includes successful verifications of examples
from the aeronautics industry.


Source: Abdulla, Parosh Aziz - Department of Information Technology, Uppsala Universitet


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences