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Reliable fabrication technologies for optical resonant filters

Summary: Reliable fabrication technologies for optical
resonant filters
Rabi Rabady and Ivan Avrutsky
A reliable technology for optical resonant filters can be useful for optoelectronics technologies, optical
communications systems, and biomedical applications. Positioning the resonance at a specific target
wavelength is challenging because of the sensitivity of placing a narrow spectral filtering window to the
error factors that are associated with the fabrication and characterization processes. We describe and
prove experimentally two fabrication approaches to overcome this challenge. 2003 Optical Society of
OCIS codes: 120.2440, 220.4610, 230.3120, 230.7370.
1. Introduction
Optical notch filters are important components in
modern optical communications systems, biomedical
engineering, and other applications. They are often
used for optical communications with Bragg filters,
which are easy to fabricate with an acceptable accu-
racy of positioning the filtering window.
Two approaches were investigated so as to make
the optical resonant filters fabrication technology as
reliable and accurate as Bragg filters. Having these


Source: Avrutsky, Ivan - Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Wayne State University


Collections: Engineering