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Simulating Hurricane Katrina What Would the Librarian Do?

Summary: Simulating Hurricane Katrina
What Would the Librarian Do?
Fred O'Bryant
Applied Sciences Librarian
Charles L. Brown Science and Engineering Library
University of Virginia
November 2007
Simulating Hurricane Katrina What Would the
Librarian Do?
This packet outlines some resources available for researching information on hurricanes in general
and the Hurricane Katrina disaster in particular. It represents one approach--but not necessarily the only
approach--to researching these questions. In attempting to be fairly comprehensive, the examples may
include some resources and procedures that won't be useful for every aspect of the question--and will not
mention absolutely every resource available to you. You will need to adapt the suggestions made here to
your own specific question(s) and circumstances, while being thoughtful, creative, resourceful and
industrious in your research.
1) The first thing I would do would be to make sure I understood the question and what was expected
in terms of outcomes for the assignment. If I had questions, I would ask my professors for help in
clarifying the project. A few questions early can save lots of frustration and wasted effort later on! It is
never wrong to ask questions, if doing so will help you better understand a problem and how to solve it!


Source: Acton, Scott - Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Virginia


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences